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I've been doing it all wrong. Recently my TikTok videos haven't been doing too hot. The only reason I can think of is that my cruise to Alaska messed up the algorithm because before the trip I was getting around 1k views per post! Sure some were lower and some higher but still that was amazing for me because my account only have 1400 followers. I was pumped and kept posting pretty regularly, but I didn't have service on my cruise and so I only posted once throughout the entire 10 day journey.

Today I posted on TikTok and it got about 185 views in 8 hours which is nothing special. Most of my videos take off around the 12 hours mark which is fun to watch as it progresses! TikTok doesn't always stay consistent though which is why I had an idea today. I figured why not try YouTube shorts since they always pop up on my YouTube and I've never made one! I'm interested in seeing how this first short does. Typically companies will make your first post your most popular because it makes you hyped so you continue to post! TikTok is known for doing this also. This first post may do well, but the following one might not. I am going to see what happens.

When I first started writing this post, the video was at 58 views in 19 minutes which is pretty good! My account only has 3 total videos and 3 total subscribers. I'm going to update what it is at by the time I'm done writing this post. It's interesting how some people can live off of YouTube. I can't imagine the pressure of doing that. I don't think I would ever want to do it full time to be honest. It's a similar feeling I have with investing. When I start doing it full time, the pressure adds on and it become more of a profession rather than a passion. I enjoy these things as side gigs, even when I don't make any money. Imagine having to stress over how well a video does in order to pay rent! I think that the stress of that would simply destroy my motivation in doing these things. When one of my videos flops I can just start fresh the next day and learn from my mistakes! If I was relying on it for income, the pressure would be crazy and I would probably be pumping out worse content in the hopes that one of them would take off. My TikTok has a video with 14k views and one with 20.5k which was amazing when those were taking off. Yet I haven't made any money on it yet. Maybe in the future but you can't count on the maybes!

All in all I didn't have a lot of motivation today to do things. It is a lot more difficult to make content when it doesn't do as well. Hopefully YouTube can be another source of incoming views for the website! I am lucky to be here and lucky to be in the process of building a community I am proud of! Have a great week everyone, and make some money!


Also YouTube analytics is so cool! 141 views in under 45 minutes.

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