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What if I don't Make It?

I've been struggling more recently. I enjoy positing on this flog (finance blog), but not only the good things. I thought it may be cool to share my down days to see what I felt at these levels, and for my future self to read and reflect.

In previous posts I wrote about my new job and how it pays less, but has a better future opportunity. The beaty of my new job is it's a 7am to 3pm position so I have more time to dedicate to the blog and YouTube and such. I am extremely grateful for this opportunity, but the pay cut has affected me more than I expected. I know that I was really lucky to have such a high paying position for my first job out of college. I am not trying to be ungrateful for my new position after getting the spot with 150 other people applying for it. I am very blessed and feel bad for not always seeing it that way.

Once I get over this hump things will be different. In many parts of my life I have gone through struggles. Probably many less than the typical person, as I have had an easy life, but regardless when I go through these lows it always helps my mentality to focus on how I will feel when I get out of them. This low point isn't forever. It simply is a growing opportunity. I need to push myself to find other ways to make money. It definitely adds more pressure, but hopefully I can turn that into drive. I also have so many ideas for the flog as well as for TikTok that I am very excited to implement. My new job is going great so far and I think that it is an excellent opportunity for me.

If you take anything away from this post, realize that highs and lows are a part of everyone's lives. If you're struggling now just think of how far you've come. If you don't think you have come far, think of how far you will go. Don't hold yourself back and don't waste the time you have now wishing things were different. You control the majority of your future.


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