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What an Amazing Deal.

This entire post is about the best deal I've ever gotten on a new phone. In case you don't know, my phone is basically my entire life. I spend endless amounts of time on it. I trade stocks on it, run 5 different social media accounts on it, and use it for endless communication. My phone isn't as much of a device, but more of a tool to me. The things I've learned on it are priceless!

Now sadly good things are rarely permanent, and thus my phone ages at an alarming rate. Everyone goes through this stage with their phones when they realize they aren't as fast as they use to be. New glitches begin happening like apps not staying open to widget screens being completely blank. A new issue with my current phone is that it struggles to stay connected to the network I use. It will randomly buffer when I have full bars or worse, have one bar in the middle of town. All these things are new issues and I realized my phone is over two years old now. Phones usually last this long, but in reality we are putting these new phones through much more than we use to. I mean this phone has traveled thousands of miles with me for work and vacation! It has serve me well but now it's time for it to retire.

With this retirement in play the task of finding a new phone for a good price landed on my desk. Like I said I use my phone for everything so it needs to be top of the line and optimized for all the things I need it for. As well as an insane camera because we all LOVE a good phone camera. The news I'm about to drop may shock many of you, some may be completely in a state of disarray. I love Samsung phones. I haven't owned an Apple product since Jr. High and don't plan on switching back. Now I know that you're thinking "well if you tried one you would see why Apple is way better!" To that I say AHA I HAVE A WORK IPHONE HAHAH! So I do know how to use them and simply prefer Samsung. Now I do not hold any ill will against Apple, their stock is actually quite a good one, it's simply a preference.

So I set out to find a new phone! Luckily for me I did that plus so much more. A new line of Samsung Phones just launched and I've been researching their capabilities to see if they would be a good fit for me. I found that starting this month pre-orders were available for their new Z Fold series. After doing some wild shopping I had everything I needed. I don't buy a lot of things brand new, but technology is one thing I really like new because newer is usually better. Now the only problem with this phone is that its $1,800. Yes nearly 2k for a phone! I started researching why this is, and basically they says it's just a computer...its faster...newer...blah blah blah. That's a price I would never pay for a phone! I mean that 2 shares of Tesla right there! I then set out on a mission to find every deal imaginable, and here's how it went.

I found that was doing a special deal for the new Z Fold. They would give you up to $800 in credit if your phone was undamaged and qualified to be turned in. I turned checked and my phone had made the list! So $1,800 to $1,000, that's good but I knew I could do more. They also had bundle options for adding things to your order, PLUS and insane deal where they were giving out $300 for each bundle order if you pre-ordered the new phone. I configured the bundles to my liking where I wasn't spending too much more money, but was still getting a good amount of things! I am making this sound easier than it was; it actually took many hours. In the end this is the deal I got.

Z Fold - $999

Galaxy Buds - normally $230, for 70 after discount bundle with:

Galaxy Watch 5 - normally $310, for $0!!! Because the $300 credit covered the cost and then the bundle took $160 off of the cost of the headphones!!!

Total cost went from $2,645 to $1,214 with taxes.

Honestly I was so beyond pumped and then the deal closed. The next day I checked back in and the deal was over. It was only up for a day or two and the price of the phone was back to being WAY TOO MUCH! The moral of this story is never settle for the full price of something. There are almost always sales and insane deals that you can find! The only business that doesn't do sales is...well you know...JK I'm sure they do something. So I will be getting a ton of new tech this week and hopefully be able to knock out insane content!

Hope you were all green today!