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Finally after posting consistently for a few months my TikTok is finally taking off! It's been tough to continue posting while even on vacation, but I managed to maintain my views for the most part.

Each month I have been documenting the amount of views and likes that my account gets. I also started doing the same for all of my social media, but its more fun for TikTok since that's where most of my views come from. Honestly Instagram and YouTube both have gone flat on me lately which is so irritating. I've been much less consistent with those than TikTok, but it's because TikTok is my baby! It was my first social media account that I grew all on my own.

Now to the fun part. I grew my TikTok views by over 600% in the month of August! Part of that was due to my 18.1k views video. That video seems to have brought new life to my account. On top of getting over 88,500 views in August, I also gained over 600 followers. That really helped boost my page a ton! It also brough more people who disagree with some of my views, but the reaction has been mostly positive.

This is going to be a shorter post because I have to pack and prepare to travel home tomorrow. Basically I am very happy and this month has motivated me to keep going. Even if I fall off a little since not having a viral video in September, I have gained new hope in growing both the social medias I have and this website! Website views are also up pretty big but I'll save that for another post. I have more to post about and soon will have more time to do it! If you haven't noticed I also have ads on this site now which was a very long process in the making.

So hope you had a great week in the market, and hopefully we get a better week and not a recession like everyone is saying we will have! Good luck traders!


Here are my insights for TikTok in the month of August1!

As you can see we got way more views after going viral! Hopefully we can keep this momentum up in September!

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