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Updated: Sep 10

Alright guys this is going to be a simple post today. A lot of my traffic comes from my TikTok so I want to optimize what they want to see! This post is specifically for those from my TikTok who are looking for my top dividend stocks. Also I have a full list of my Roth IRA dividend stocks on my YouTube but it needs to be updated!

*This is not financial advice, all information is for educational purposed only. Do your own research before buying any securities.*

Top Dividend Stocks and their Current Dividend Yield (9/13/2022)

  1. $SACH - 12.87%

  2. $MAIN - 6.63%

  3. $O - 4.51%

  4. $QYLD - 14.94%

  5. $HRZN - 9.75%

  6. $ARCC - 8.76%

  7. $ORCC - 9.65%

  8. $ABR - 10.55%

  9. $INTC - 4.98%

  10. $OCSL - 10.07%

  11. $BBDC - 10.00%

  12. $RYLD - 14.17%

  13. $MPW - 8.12%

  14. $XYLD - 11.89%

  15. $JEPI - 10.32%

  16. $DSX - 21.87%

And that's it for now! I'll continually update this list. Over time I'll be adding tons more of my favorite dividend stocks. Now for those wondering, I removed stocks that I found to be too risky. These are stocks that I think are great options for a dividend portfolio. I don't own all of these myself, but I do own some and will be buying more in the future. I have tons of new stuff that will be coming out soon so make sure to stay tuned! Thanks everyone!


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