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Looks like we are finally hitting the first real bear market of my lifetime. Luckily I just bought my car so the 15k I was ready to invest in the market went into that instead. Had I invested all of that money, I would now be at around half based on the stocks I thought were solid still crashing with the rest of the market. Tesla, my star child, is down close to 50% from highs. Target dropped 25% on a 52% loss of revenue for quarter one. So what do we do when the market is crashing?

  1. I'm firstly going to try some new strategies and see just what works in a down market; I know bio/pharm plays still rocket in the market, and so far I haven't seen much else work. The bounce back green days are few and far between but I still enjoy them when they come.

  2. Secondly and more importantly I am going to be buying as many stocks in my roth as I can. I hope these dividend and long term holds don't continue to drop, but if they do I'll simply buy more. After all this market is a crazy sale. My top picks for this bear market are two dividend stocks that perform well even in bear markets, $MAIN and $STAG which both have a nice dividend. I'll be buying some of these up over the coming months, and well maybe even a share of Amazon. It's trading now for about $2,150 from highs of almost $3,700. The main reason of this though was coming out of the pandemic so who knows how far this thing can drop.

  3. I enjoy writing about this stuff and will continue to do so! Hopefully this can help others and myself learn more. I'd love a group of investor my age that don't simply focus on AMC and GME. Hey maybe one day! Have a good rest of your day, and thanks for reading!


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