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The Basics - Outline on How to Trade Stocks

I've been seeing a lot of newer traders asking questions on social media. It seems many people don't fully understand what stocks are and so I thought the best way for people to learn would be from a series of posts on different lingo and key factors that play a role in trading stocks.

Before I jump into a bunch of details about things a beginner wouldn't understand; I wanted to make an outline for people to see the future and past posts and how they can help them learn.

Here is the order I will be:

  1. What is a stock, how do they work, and why should I own them?

  2. Basic lingo every trader should know

  3. Choosing a brokerage

  4. Key points of investing, diversification, goals, and assets

  5. Types of investment stocks - dividends, retail, OTC, penny, growth, tech, and more

  6. Strategies on how to trade

  7. My top books on investing - helpful tools for finance

This list will be a large portion of my next couple of blog posts. It's extremely important to understand what investing is, and how your personality has a huge impact on how you will trade. While some of these posts will be more important than others, they all have their place in the investment world. It it crucial to understand all aspects of investing. You can become very wealthy simply by holding yourself accountable and learning on your own. Save you money, DO NOT BUY A COUSE ONLINE!! Even if it's from your favorite influencer/finfluencer. We can conquer this together without hurting your wallet. I want everyone to spend their money on their future, and not on making YouTubers more money.

That being said go follow my YouTube for consistent stock videos! I've been posting more and I am attempting to grow that audience. Hope you all had a great weekend and thank you for reading!


Here is the S&P 500 chart from the last 90 years! "Stocks always go up"

Chart from: