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Social Media is Remarkable

Man oh man has TikTok been going wild lately. I'm realizing that social media has so much more power than I thought. I need to continue to branch out and work on social media like Pinterest and Instagram but for now my focus is on TikTok. I hit a major win this week, getting over 3k total followers! I've been working toward this goal since I started up the account again in June. I had about 1270 followers when I started posting again. From my past posts you can see that I had to stop posting while working an insane 70+ hours a week job. I had built the page up from 0 followers initially.

This means that I have more than doubled in a matter of months. What an accomplishment! I also have been growing my website visits which is amazing. I hope the community will continue to grow and I can help people where they need it, and learn something also!

Now let's talk about money. I have made a total of $1.51 from my website so far. I have spent nearly $200 on it so it's definitely an investment at this point! I noticed that the site does much better when the TikToks are doing better. I want to focus on my readers here. If you are interested in one particular topic, leave a comment and I'll look it over. From TikTok I have made $0 which is expected. Only large TikTok accounts make money, and even then they don't make much. TikTok is an outlet for people to send their viewers to other places and websites, just like I do! It is very interesting though that to become monetized on TikTok you need 10k followers, and 100k views in the last month. I have 3k followers, and about 140k views this last month. Funny how even at a very low follower count I already qualify for the monetization! Just need to get those followers up. Now my goal is to hit 4k by the end of the year. That doesn't leave me a lot of time, and it will take a lot of work, but maybe with another viral video I will get there!

YouTube has been hard to grow. I have gained 13 followers since starting to build I know it takes a lot more work to build it up, but the algorithm has not been kind to me. Plus my new phone can't make shorts which really hurt my chances of growing! I will have to fix this and work on it more in the future. Until then I will continue making videos when I get some time.

Working and running all of these social media accounts is not easily done, but I do find the time in random parts of my day. I know that this is how my life will be run for a while! Depending on work and other things I will have a good amount of years to get these up and running. I hope people stay to follow me on my journey! If TikTok continues to grow I don't see why we can't all make money together! As always leave a stock you like or a comment to give me some feedback! Thanks for reading!



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