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Side Hustles - Time to Test Them

Alright everyone has heard of the notorious side-hustles. From power-washing peoples driveways to selling your content online, anything and everything can be a side hustle. I enjoy a few side hustles of my own, although none have made me a profit quite yet. I'm hoping the TikTok starts picking up again so that I can get there one day! YouTube is a much more proven way to make money as long as you can grow your audience which so far I have been doing.

Today I want to touch on one specific side hustle that I started trying today. It involves using photos that you have, so if you never take pictures this one might be hard for you to do. Using different photo sharing websites, you upload your photos and then get a premium when someone purchases the rights to use the photo. Say someone is making an invitation to a party and they like one of the photos that you posted on there, well you would get a specific set price for that photo if they pay the website to use it. It's a very simple way to have you content shared. My fear is that I upload all of these photos that I have taken and love, and no one ever sees them! Which is sadly a very possibly outcome to this side hustle. I am an amateur photographer but I usually just use my phone since the camera is so powerful on it.

So what I did to start was go through hundreds of photos to choose which ones I like the most, and that I think other people may have a need for. So far it has only been nature photos that I use for my own personal computer backgrounds. I may upload some cat ones later because my cat is beautiful and HUGE so maybe there is a little niche out there for him too. Once I start getting some royalties for my content, I can cash out from the website. This is literally the easiest way to make passive income if you have photos that are sought after. It's a one time upload and hope for some popularity via the tags you include in your photos. I have a drone that I love to fly and I'm thinking that could be a great way to upload footage of those flights! It may be more saturated though since everyone seems to have a drone these days. Either way the options are endless!

This website made me start thinking though, maybe I should be selling my photos online. I mean I'm not a professional but I would say I'm pretty good at what I do. Even if I sold prints for very cheap I wonder if anyone would buy one. Maybe in the future I'll consider it with my top ten favorite pictures, but until they I need to keep focusing on growing the socials! I'll post an update of this in about a month and see if anything has happened yet. I just hope I can make one sale by that time. I uploaded over fifty photos so far and will continue to upload more each day to see if that helps move things along! Anyways thanks for reading! Good luck my little entrepreneurs!!!


One of the photos on the site, Mossbrae Falls near Dunsmuir California 2021