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Part 2: How to Deal with Losing - Mentality is Everything

So you lost a paychecks worth of money in one day. You're watching your hard earned money fall day by day while everyone on social media is proclaiming that they are still "winning" even in this bear market. Finfluencers are showing off their expensive cars and huge houses while you continue working that boring 9-5 in order to make ends meet. Welcome to bear market, if you're new to investing and this is your first time, this post is for you. If you have been here before and simply need motivation to continue, this post is for you also.

Mentality is such an important part to investing; it can either keep you on track or derail you entirely, costing your years of hard work. So let's jump right into how I survive these bear markets. Part 1 was all about what I do with my money. How I spend it and at what point in a bear market to invest. Part two is very different, and arguably more applicable to every day investing. You will always have up and down days, so it's important to try and zoom out and look at the bigger picture.

Seeing the glass half empty versus half full has never been a challenge for me. I would say I'm a relatively positive person so this hasn't been my personal struggle. Even seeing my account dropping drastically these last few months really just put things into perspective for me. I am lucky to have this money, and I am lucky to be learning how to invest at this age. My hours of studying and research have not been going to waste. Zooming out and seeing the bigger picture really helps me get my head straight. We have years to go in this market. If you would have asked me if I saw extreme potential in the market a year ago, I would have said yes without a doubt. That's the mentality all investors were in after the Covid lows shot the market flying up past previous highs. Looking back on that time now I realize that we were really not in a good place with the market being that inflated. Looking where we are now, the market is so much better for my future. I can invest way more money into stocks that are extremely cheap because of this bear market! Amazon, Paypal, Tesla, the S&P 500, all of these are on SALE!

Now these stocks and index funds may continue to dip. That market could halve again. If it were to do that I would be ready (with my plan from part 1) to jump in and make some profits. We are at a point where the market is resetting and could soon be jumping back to normal levels. If that takes place these large cap plays will have great returns, maybe not as quickly as the post-covid run, but still a slow and steady gain is much more profitable that these jumps and dips. So if you are stuggling mentally remember, we have a lot of time for the market to rebound, you don't need to pressure yourself to make millions overnights, and we are getting opportunities that haven't been around in years! Hopefully this helped. Never stop investing and planning! We got this guys, bear or bull market we will find success!

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