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Organization is EVERYTHING! + make an account you love!

I've been on finance TikTok for well over a year now. This isn't the first page that I've run, hopefully if it's successful it may be my last. Recently I was thinking back to the days when I ran different Instagram and Facebook accounts. I had one Instagram account for gaming, which was a huge passion of mine at that time. It grew to just over 1.3k followers before I decided that the market for it was too saturated and that TikTok seemed to be much better for growing accounts. This wasn't an easy decision to make as I greatly enjoyed running that account and watching it grow. Why am I talking about this in a post about organization? Because my TikTok just overtook my Instagram in followers. This means that my TikTok is now my most successful social media account. Maybe one day my YouTube or this blog will overtake that, and then I'll write another post about that!

Regardless of that, I wanted to jump on here and talk about how far my organization has come in regards to running these pages. Firstly I would say I'm a relatively organized person. I don't love to write things down, but I do take mental notes which so far has worked out for me well. Yesterday I decided to sit down and make a spreadsheet about the TikTok and how the views and followers have been doing in the recent months. TikTok has a section on analytics for those who may not use the app. It basically shows what your videos have been doing, how many likes, the time they are being watched, as well as your followers. YouTube has something similar but seeing that my YouTube has only 6 subscribers there is a lot less information. Pulling all of the numbers showed me a lot more than I thought that it would. Firstly, certain videos I do gain a lot more views than others. I found that my "Top Dividend Stocks" videos on average get about 1k views each. My other videos tend to get between 400-700 on a good day. Another interesting thing; the videos I post before and after a dividend stock one tend to do better as well! Basically I haven't been focusing on the part of my niche that gets me the most views.

Now followers are another story too, as some videos gain a lot of followers and others don't. Engagement is the term used on social media and it will make or break an account. If you are trying to start an account for a hobby or passion of yours, you'll soon find out that likes, follows, comments, and shares are extremely important, and different. Shares are very important because they basically count as giving you another viewer! Someone who wouldn't have found your page without that message from a friend. This is where organization needs to come in, because like I said, I take mental notes of everything. I knew that my dividend stock videos were some of my most popular, but what I didn't knw was how much traffic they drive to my account.

My message to you, as someone who may be thinking about creating an account for whatever reason, is DO IT! Besides all of the fun I have running this account and watching it grow, I love the community I have met along the way. Social media is for everyone, and I don't think you should let anything stop you, especially fear of failure, I have been running failing accounts for a long time and I'm still here. You learn and grow from it. Just remember to stay organized, and find what content you can provide that people really want. Have a good week trading everyone! Don't forget to check my home page to follow my socials.


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