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To be honest this is the first time in my life I am excited for the new year. I've been in a very painful growing phase in my life the last three years. Many things have been changing and I am ready now to focus in and adjust my life to what I believe it should be. Now lets wrap up the final blog post of 2022 and set in motion what I want for this website, well all of my social medias behind akaspencerdunbar.

This year I saw some insane growth with all of my socials. TikTok hit over 4k which I was attempting to get before 2023! Instagram was a slump but still earned me some money. YouTube was infuriating but is now much easier to understand. The blog has been rough, but I've learned a lot and Im-'m very excited for the future of this website!

Firstly lets set some goals for 2023. TikTok is my main social media and it has the most of my love at this point. Currently sitting at 4237 followers, my goal for 2023 is to reach 10k. Honestly I know it is doable but its so hard to imagine having it hit 10k even in one year!

Instagram is not my favorite, so lets say that the current 1289 followers should be around 3k by 2023's end. That's a doable expectation if i consistently post on there. Instagram is just a little old fashioned for me and running all these social media accounts is draining with a full 40 hours a week job.

Pinterest is beginning to pique my interest again and I am finding that it can be an extremely useful tool for advertising for free! It's a hard concept to learn so I am dedicating January to figuring it out more. There are tons of free options to learn these different social medias so I should be more than capable as long as I set my mind to it and follow through!

YouTube is a tough one. It took me forever to learn but now I am growing relatively consistently. I'm scared to make this plan for 2023 because it seems very difficult but my goal is to hit 1k subs on YT which would make me a partner! I think that now I am dedicating so much more time and making quality content its beginning to pick up the pace. I'm currently only sitting at 51 subs, half of which were gained this month! YT is another powerful tool that helps businesses like mine grow and gain some traction. Plus it's an amazing creative output for me that typically isn't my strong suit.

The Blog/Business. My goal for this coming year, and by far the most frightening, is to have a total of 50 clients this year. That might not seem like a lot but it's terrifying to me seeing that I have none yet. GROWTH GUYS! I am also going to be changing up how I write in the blog to better help people find it via SEO.

Now that's all I have to talk about for 2023. Wrapping all of this up I can't really believe how much learning I did. PLUS I MADE MONEY THIS YEAR!!! Not a lot but enough for me. All in all I am so extremely blessed and thankful for the people in my life, and my God who made this all possible. Maybe I should add "go on a date" for my 2023 that's just way too hard to imagine! Thanks for those who have stuck with me this long, to all my followers and subs on every page you mean so much to me, and I am privideged to be a part of your journey just as your are a part of mine. LET'S KILL IT IN 2023!!!!

P.S. I finished this with 6 minutes to spare!