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Networking is Important!

Updated: Aug 3, 2022

Alright guys I'm getting burnt out. I feel like no one in my generation cares about this stuff. Everyone my age is spending their weekends in bars spending all of their money on random stuff instead of investing. I feel like the instant gratification is so much stronger than looking into the future and seeing stability. I'm hoping that through this endeavor I can find some like-minded people who see things in a similar sense to how I do. I hope this site can become that. I want it to be an open forum for Gen Z to talk about issues that are pressing our generation financially. Like how we have already seen two major drops in the stock market in under five years. I hope that the people who need to find this site can find it and in turn I can learn from others experiences as well, after all I am only a 24 year old.

I know that in business networking is extremely important. My current job I learned about through a family friend. The issue I have is that I'm one of the older ones in my friend group and I don't see the drive to save and invest in those around me. Now some do have a savings or they simply don't spend a lot of money, but it's still very difficult to try and bridge that gap between explaining how important it is now, and coming off as judgmental or as a know-it-all. I mean I struggle with that stuff already when it comes to topics I am passionate about. It's hard seeing people waste their money when it could be growing and creating more wealth for them in the future.

Now this may come off as a little hypocritical, as I just bought a fairly nice car. Yes I got it used, and yes it was an amazing price, but its still more than I needed to spend. The difference I see though between this purchase and my peers purchases, is that I worked for months to afford it. I do have to make payments on it, but I put a lot down and got a good interest rate. Maybe there was some luck there too as I needed the car and the stock market dipped pretty had after I bought it. I still have student loans, and now I make less at my current job than my previous one, which I have posted about before. I guess my frustration isn't that I'm bored with investing, but that I don't have any close friends who are as into it as I am. I want someone who will text me about a stock that is going crazy! Or that will post on their social media about stocks to. Some people that I can brag about my wins to and complain about my losses knowing that they are in the same boat. We are stronger in numbers I'm hopeful that these things will come in time. Also maybe I should get a business degree...maybe my work has a scholarship or something.

Either way that's the end of my rant. If anyone is interested in networking and growing as an investor with me, just know that the door is always open regardless of age. I would kill for an older mentor that can show me how they have made their money, and show me their mistakes! Hey maybe I'll start looking for a mentor! Thanks for reading to this point! I hope everyone has a good day in the market and we finally get news on if this is a recession or not! Don't forget the data comes out tomorrow so if the market drops that may be why, although I'm guessing the drop today was because of that. Maybe a nice bounce tomorrow if the data is as we expect! Good luck traders!


Photo: Somewhere in Oregon