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I know these processes take a lot of time. It takes years for people to build their financial empires and I shouldn't be rushing it. I enjoy this part of the process but lately its been feeling harder to work for less money. I have a goal of making money via this website. Even if its pennies a day that would be something that would help me grow. I could poor any money made back into the website and TikTok.

I think it would be cool to promote some of my more popular videos on TikTok. I know it may not be the best way to progress, but I think that the possibilities on there are one of my better options for the amount of money I'm willing to put up currently. Tiktok won't make me a lot of money regardless. The largest people on the platform make thousands of dollars every month. That's from their mouth too; without someone sponsoring you to make videos, the Creator Fund, which is TikTok's way of paying creators, pays about .20 cents to the dollar.

My main struggle with making money through the website is that I want to provide a good service for cheap. I don't want to be taking peoples money without giving them something in return that's worth what they paid. My first instinct would be to do a small subscription service, say a dollar a month. I think it would be cool for people to see my watchlists and I could sell those very easily. It would be a small fee for seeing what the industry leaders are doing and how their sector has been doing as a whole. It's also great for day traders to catch sympathy plays, For those who don't know that term, a sympathy play is a stock that runs because a leader in the sector is running. Lets take a look at EV's for example. When Tesla runs 15% in a day, the smaller EV companies like Lucid, Nio, Fisker, and even Solo will often bounce because the sector leader is running.

I think this would be a cool way to unlock more stuff on the website. I'm not entirely sure how to make that a possibility though. I also want to make money off of ads but to do that I need a lot more weekly site visits. Maybe eventually I would make the calendar for catalysts a premium feature since that is what takes me the longest to do....

Well well well so many options and not enough site visits! Hopefully this will pick up and people will find the information I am sharing useful. As always leave a comment for any questions you have or any topics you think I should discuss! Thanks for reading!


West Coast, Albion CA, 2020

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