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Updated: Sep 10, 2022

Lately I've been diving into the world of Pinterest. Now hear me out, yes I know Pinterest stock is beaten down like crazy, but I'm learning a ton about this social media platform that I never though I would learn! It hides many secrets, the first being that it's actually the worlds 3rd largest search engine. I had no idea that you can plug any hashtags into a post and get views on it! If I was selling any product I would be putting on Pinterest immediately.

Now what would I, someone who doesn't sell any products, need a Pinterest for? Well you are reading it! I need Pinterest because I can create posts and get views on there even without having a big following! Posts with the correct type of hashtags can bring a crazy amount of views to your page, and then the posts will also have a direct link to your website! It is almost like guaranteed views. What I have been doing is using Canva, which is a website that lets you design all sorts of things, to create posts with my website all over them that will hopefully gain some traction and then bring more people to my blog! With my last TikTok going semi-viral I have been working on ways to increase the views on this blog as well as the amount of people reading the blog. It's difficult to do, because although my video got almost 18k views, I had about 20 site visitors. Not a lot of people like to read blogs and that's okay! I need to reach out and find the ones who do.

Pinterest can gain someone thousands of monthly views and they even have creator programs that pay creators. I don't think I'll ever be one of those sponsored creators but even so the free views are too good to pass up! I made about 4 posts today about things ranging from how to buy a stock to what you should do before even considering investing! The more I learn about this platform and how easy it is to create posts the more excited I get! I'm trying now to create at least 2 Pinterest posts a day or one YouTube video. Along with that I am creating one YouTube short, one Instagram reel, and two TikToks. Yes it does take up a crazy amount of time each day, but reading the analytics and seeing where I can improve in my content is extremely fun for me. You also have those random videos that go viral and boost your motivation even more! I now have 3 viral videos on TikTok which is more than I ever expected to have. Hopefully Pinterest continues to be enjoyable and easy to use! I'll update on Pinterest soon and see how many views my posts are getting and if it's worth it to continue growing that page. Hope you all had a great Monday even though the stocks got hammered! Good luck traders!


Here is my new Pinterest account!

Sorry for the shirtless photo... the account is also for fitness/gym motivation...

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