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IPO MADNESS! +My Current Top IPOs!

Let's just say I chose a bad time to go on a vacation. I haven't seen opportunities like this is a very long time! Who remembers when SPAC's were running like 600%? This feels very similar like that that to me. So for my new readers what are IPOs? Basically they are a way to get into a company before its traded publicly. IPO stands for "Initial Public Offering". This is the first time the average investor can purchase stock in a company. Webull accounts have access to their IPO offerings, which allows you to invest in a company a few weeks/months before they go public. This is very interesting for a number of reasons I will explain.

Typically for IPO investors they buy in very early and make a large amount of money on their investment if the company does well. IPO investments are public, and usually require some amount of networking in order to participate. Webull allows us to buy them right before they go public, which can be a blessing or a curse depending on how the IPO goes. The fear with this is that once the lockup period ends, there is not way to sell your shares for that period of time, although its usually only a day or two. The bonus of trading IPOs on Webull is that you get in late enough to where the you don't have to hold through the lockup period. The lockup period is where you can't sell a stock after being in the IPO but it only takes place for the very early investors. Webull's IPO format doesn't have a lockup period which is why I was able to sell a ton of my stocks right on open for a nice profit.

The main issue with the Webull IPOs and how they have been functioning is that you only get a very small amount of shares. Apparently it depends on how much money you put in an how early you purchase the stock, but so far I have gotten between 2-5% of the amount I ordered. Now for reference I wanted to try this out a few times before putting a lot of money in. I have just today upped my amount of cash put into these IPOs after making some insane returns. Now let's talk about those fun returns shall we?

Ticker $GCT was the first IPO that I bought into and it served me pretty well. I got into the IPO price at $12, and sold one share at $55 and the other shares at $34 making me only $90, but netting a nice percentage gain of about 250% give or take. This was a great bump of money into my small account.

Ticker $JZ was one that I got into extra early, and although I could have added more capital to this one after my success in the beginning; it probably wouldn't have mattered. I only got 1 share...yes I was extremely bummed. Then I noticed that my buy in price was only $4, and the trading price was $165! I sold immediately and made $165 dollars at 6:30am on a Friday morning. I was able to sell above market price because people were buying this stock all they could! Unfortunately for whoever bought my share, the price then dropped and continued to drop for the rest of the day. Now that's a key learning point for these IPOs, if you are buying them on Webull or simply waiting for them to go public and be tradeable on your brokerage you may lose out on that first jump of the stock price. You need the order the IPO to make the most of your returns. Now let's talk about the next IPOs to watch.

$YOSH is one I have already ordered but I don't think it will do anything too crazy. I plan on selling it the moment it goes public on Friday morning. This one may have already closed on its IPO by the time you are reading this. Nonetheless I have a better one that I already bought more of! Plus it isn't going public for another few weeks giving people plenty of time to buy in.

Ticker LRE is a Japanese IPO that is supposed to be a big winner. The Asian IPOs (especially the Hong Kong) ones typically run the most. This one isn't my favorite, as I am waiting for another Hong Kong one to hit the market. I will update when that one comes out! That's it for now, If you didn't come from my social media make sure you check that tab out and follow for daily content! As always, have a good week traders and make some money!


Here is the chart for my pride and joy, ticker $JZ. Now remember my buy-in price was $4, and look at that yearly high!