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Guys is has been a crazy couple of hours. I'm not sure how to split all the information up that I need to tell you. I've been bad at posting on here because I've been posting on basically every social media platform imaginable for the last week! Which leads me into a new topic that I want to talk about on here.

Let's start with that, a new topic I want to talk about on here. Social Media. I think social media has so much to do with growth for a website. Almost half of my total viewers on this blog are actually from TikTok, and a few from my new Instagram. The power behind social media how is wild. You don't have to have a lot of followers to get a lot of like! I know it can help, but with Reels, TikTok, and YouTube Shorts there are endless opportunities. I'll be starting a new blog series on social media talking about my overall growth and how I manage multiple accounts. I definitely want to include how I bring traffic to my blog via social media, and the different ways social media grew my following. I know my TikTok has been going wild crazy, and statistically many of you reading this are from my TikTok. But there are other platforms out there that are excellent for growing website views even better than TikTok! My friend Adela for example has been showing me Pinterest and how that can drive a lot of traffic from your account to a YouTube channel or a website. On top of that these platforms give views to everyone, including smaller accounts if you know how to track their algorithms.

Now to todays topic! I WENT VIRAL (AGAIN)! Now this isn't the first time I've gone viral, and viral really means something different in the stock world. Yes viral can means hundreds of millions of views, but for me, viral is anything over about 8k views. My TikTok after all only had 1.5k followers about a week ago! So 8k views is pretty good for an account that small. Anyways on Saturday morning I woke up extremely late and posted a recording I had made the day prior onto TikTok. Later that night while at a party I checked TikTok for the first time since posting and realized I was getting some good traction! I only checked TikTok because my website was getting an above average amount of viewers so it caught my attention.

When I got on TikTok I had 44 new followers. Now to set a precedent, I gained 70 followers the entire month of July. Gaining 40 in a span of a few hours blew my mind! On top of that those 40 were only the beginning. Between last night and today I have gained over 250 followers. I've noticed the followers and views are dropping steadily now, but I still have a few trailing in. Let me tell you the feeling of going viral after putting hours of work into my social media and website each day, was extremely rewarding.

This post was better too because although my previous viral posts had gotten 135 likes and 350 likes, this one outdid those by getting over 440 likes even with less views! Plus more saves, and shares which are really what I'm looking for. All in all it was a crazy weekend for multiple reasons. I'll be better at posting this week as hopefully more TikTokers flood in here to join the community! If you are new here welcome, and lets MAKE SOME MONEY GUYS!!!

Here is a screenshot of my TikToks views and such!

Also this data is a little behind because it takes a few days for it to fully load!

Have a good week traders