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Not to try and clickbait anyone, but I really need some time to think about a subject that may change my life forever. As those who read my previous post on my new job know, I don't make as much money as I use to. Long story short my salary position requires me to work less and thus make less money than my previous contract job, which left me with no life, freedom, but a nice car. I've been thinking for the long term what I could do to add income on the side. While I love this website and running the TikTok and YouTube, I won't be profitable (if ever) on those for a long time. I need something to work on, in addition to all these other social media accounts, that will enable me to make more money in the long run.

Stepping outside of my own personal life; if you are in this situation and are looking for some side income or a possible career change, here is how I came to my current idea. If there is something you are going to do outside of your 9-5 job, you need to LOVE IT! I really mean love it. Because after a long day at the office, where things didn't go as you wanted to, the last thing you will want to do is more work. It has to be seen as something you love like a hobby. Even hobbies sometimes drive me crazy depending on the day that I've had, so it needs to be a passion. On top of that it needs to be viable. One idea I had that just won't work out for me immediately is house flipping. I've talked with my parents about it and they are interested in house flipping. We would split the down payment on a house, of course only buying the best deal we could find, and then would renovate/update the house before selling it. I would live in the house during the renovation and be working on it when I could throughout the week. My parents would join me over the weekend to work on things together and then we would split the profits from the sale. Again this is all based on timing because I need to save up a lot of money for a down payment and on top of that I need to pay off my students loans. This is just one idea that is a possibility, but not a viable one at this point in time. Think about what you could start tomorrow if you had to. This is a way to make money in the end, even if its not a lot at the beginning.

Now to my grand idea. Obviously if you know me you know of my obsession with money. Now my job doesn't involve money as much as I would like it to, so I am looking for an outlet to that. There is a guy on TikTok who talks with people about their finances and works with them to make better financial choices. Now he doesn't work with the most financially savvy people out there, so it makes for insane content for his channels. My plan, if the stars align of course, would be to become a certified financial planner. This is basically an accountant without the degree. What they do is specialize on financial living, not just taxes. They look over all of your spending and find where you are spending too much. With this analysis, they help find more money from each paycheck that can go towards bettering your financial lifestyle. Less eating out and shopping, and more investing and paying off debt is basically how it goes.

Now I haven't done a lot of research on becoming a certified financial planner, but I did check the education requirements since I don't want to have to get another degree. Basically you need a degree to get the certificate, but it doesn't have to be a business degree. I think this means I could use my history degree and get one of these certificates and then start my own financial business. This would be insane and has always been a dream of mine to be honest. I could run the entire thing through my website and then boom work off of all that together! That's if I can get the certificate without getting another degree. The course is supposed to take about 12-18 months which is no small task. Also I didn't even check on the price of that may be a big factor in this decision making process. I'm trying to keep a level head about it but I get really excited about this kind of stuff and seeing that I wouldn't need a business degree really got my hyped about it!

Like I said, I have a lot more research to do, but if this works it could be very financially helpful for me. I could work the time in with my current job, still get my 40 hours, and then maybe make some extra on the side. The base rate for financial planners is about $55 an hour, but you need clientele to get that. Even if I get the education needed that doesn't mean clients would come rolling in. I'm sure just like everything else it would take a lot of time and effort. It's all going to be a learning process as I go! Just remember you are never stuck where you are in your life right now. There is always room for progression! Hopefully this motivated you as I was motivated by this idea.

Also we now have categories for the blog! Meaning if you are looking for one topics such as "stocks" or like content similar to this post about "financial living" you can go to that category and read up on it! Have a good Friday everyone, and make some good financial decisions!



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