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Get Sett - Scam or Free Money?

Recently I was approached by a platform on Tiktok, called "GetSett". They messaged me on Tiktok, as well as on my website which I thought was interesting. We ended up talking and their owner, or manager (I'm not really sure who he is) said that they would like to pay me for my content. Now this interesting; why would someone want my content that I give out for free...for a price? I realized after talking with them (yes we had a Microsoft Teams meeting which I found to be very interesting) that they want stock influencers to contribute their content to their app.

Now this app idea is actually very interesting. It's basically Tiktok, but for finance. Now anyone who uses Tiktok knows the crazy amount of stock gurus who never seem to actually make money in the market, they make money selling courses. This app is basically Tiktok but for knowledgeable investors. Anyone can make an account, but for posting and making content you have to be approved by the app. Meaning scammers and people selling courses wouldn't be permitted. Other accounts that only pump trash plays in order to sell their shares at a higher price wouldn't either. Basically they want my content to post on their Tiktok and on the app. Now lets get to the fun part, the financials.

The owner (let's call him A from now on) told me that they have over 1 million in investment money for the app. It's already on the Apple App Store but hasn't come to the Google store yet for android users. Now for the fun part. I can send them content whenever I want and they will pay me for it. I can earn $20-$25 dollars per post! Which I believe is for the exclusive content that I will send to them. This is a very easy way to make money as I am already using content and doing research for this blog and the associated Tiktok and Youtube! This could be a breeze. It does sound a little too good to be true though, so I am not holding my breath. I know that they want creators for their app so it could be something easy and fun to do, and if the app takes off I would be one of their older profiles! A sent me a list of their biggest clients and they have some accounts with over 100k followers on them. Also the accounts are not in any way shape or form scammers. They don't do pump and dump schemes which is SO NICE! I am so tired of these fools online telling kids where and when to spend their money! Especially when everything you need is online for free now anyways.

It was a ego boost to hear that they thought my Tiktok content was useful information. A said that it was helpful information and that he was impressed I never told people what to do with their money, simply gave them information on different stocks and what the market has done in the past. All in all this is an awesome way to get some networking in! I just hope I can grow my Tiktok and this page to create a helpful community. Thanks for reading.

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