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After trying for what seems like months to find a decent community on a discord server, I decided to take matters into my own hands. I created this server to be a FREE place where everyone can discuss ideas and what stocks we are watching. I've found that on a lot of my TikToks and Reels that everyone has some good stock ideas and research to back them up.

It's hard to pay for something when you aren't sure what you'll get out of it. All of these discords hidden behind a paywall are not created by stock brokers and financial planners. They are just a money grab for whoever sets them up. I don't want a discord where people tell me what and when to buy a stock, I want one that shows me how people do research to become profitable.

Now lets jump into the different categories that are in the discord thus far.

  1. Top Dividend Stocks

  2. Penny Stocks

  3. Catalyst Incoming

  4. Top Moving Stocks

Top Dividend is exactly what you would expect! A spot for the best dividend stocks that people own. I think each channel on the server should be filled with DD on top of what people like about a stock. These dividends stocks are going to be ones I own and like, not just a list of ones that meet certain parameters. Each of the stocks I talk about on the Top Dividend Stocks playlist are ones that I think have value and that I would purchase if I had the capital.

Next is the Penny Stocks channel. The most important part about this one will be the DD and why people are buying what they are buying. It's important to know the background of a company before buying in, even if you only put in a little bit of money. Penny Stocks are risky and thus none of what I say on this blog or on any of my social medias are financial advice.

Catalyst Incoming is exactly what you would expect. I do tons of catalyst trading and it can be very profitable if you know what you are looking for. Right now the huge catalysts are bio/pharm stocks and IPO plays. This channel will be dedicated to what the community thinks about a stock and if it's worth the current price.

Lastly Top Moving Stock which may turn into a few things. This could be short-squeeze plays or simply stocks that ran insanely for no reason at all. It's almost like a news area, in fact "Stock Market News" may be a better name. I may change it to that but again more areas for personal opinions as well as DD! I also like seeing where people are making money so I think members should show their profits when they research, and make a good play! So many options for discord but for now I need to keep growing all socials and this YouTube Channel which for some reason is so difficult to grow! Hopefully y'all didn't get murdered by the market today like I did. Go check out the discord if you are interested! Finally something that is actually free!!!

-Spence here is the link once more!

Join me look how lonely I am!

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