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Book Review - The 12 Week Year By Brian P. Morgan

I have always been an avid reader. With my previous contract job I got into audio books and let me tell you, I love them. Now I do a mix of both audio books, as well as reading before bed every night. I read a mix of books, some fiction and some self-improvement ones based on finance. My most recent read was The 12 Week Year written by Brian P. Morgan.

Now this book isn't necessarily based on stocks. or saving money, or retirement which is what I typically read about in this category. It's more so about optimizing your time. Although I am still in the beginning portion of my career, I find that time optimization is extremely important. The basis of this book is breaking down each three months into a year. Meaning each year actually counts as four years. The idea behind doing this is to increase the pace in which we do things. Now wasting three months on something isn't uncommon. I've waited longer for jobs or opportunities to come my way without realizing the time I was losing out on.

By dividing you year into four separate years, it removes the ability to waste time on accident. It makes for a much more calculated schedule and timeline for what you want to accomplish. I thought of it the best when looking at your halfway point. Most people will have a goal for a year, but once they get to June or July and aren't even close to accomplishing it, they give up or put it off until the following year. By splitting your year into four years, your can hold yourself accoutable much easier. Now when you waste a week and don't move in the direction your set out to move in, you can see it plainly without wasting as much time.

While this book isn't the most exciting, it did open my eyes to a lot of things. Thus I have been using my planner in three month cycles, and updating and scheduling my goals in correspondance to that. It has only been one week (or according to the book, one month) but I have already noticed a difference.

Would I recommend this book?: I think this book is great for entrepreneurs, small business owners, or anyone who has an issue with procrastination. If you are already a very scheduled person, it can still help you see the bigger picture more often. If you pick up a copy or listen to the audio version let me know in a comment what you think! Hopefully you found this review useful!

Ease of Reading: 8/10

Implementation to Life: 9/10

Total Rating: 8.5/10


P.S. I'll add an affiliate link soon!

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