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Biggest Gains Yet!

Post #2 of the blog! Look at that I didn't give up after one. This post is going to be about my 2 most profitable stocks and what I learned from trading them.

- The first stock I want to talk about is ERX. This is a fuel tracking stock that is a 2x, meaning it does 200% of the movement of the normal fuel stock. This was a stock I bought with very little research, and actually just got lucky to be blunt. I bought during the COVID lows with money I had from unemployment. This stock I bought for $13 and sold for $45. I could have made more money, but sold some of this stock early when the market was crashing in February of 2021. I ended up making about $400 dollars which is always a win! I was up 235%. I will be trading this one again as the fuel prices are through the roof currently! I think it will come back down, as for a long term stock this one is sketchy as EVs may be taking over! Hey was that foreshadowing for my next stock?

-Stock number 2! You guessed it, Tesla. This stock has made me a fortune so far. I have not sold any of my shares so far and don't really plan on selling in the near future. I first bought Tesla after it had a reverse split. I did not expect it to launch as quickly as it did. I purchased 2 shares for just under $419 and then picked up another 2 shares at $480 and $502 for a total of 4 shares. At highs I have been up almost 200%. Currently the market is selling off so I'm sitting at about a 90% return which is plenty good in my book. I think that this one is going to keep getting better and better over the years.

-Next week I'll dive deeper into the swing trading I have been doing. I'm taking this approach slower and testing how it works in all markets. Maybe it will be something I do for the long term!

Thanks for reading this gang, let me know what stocks you're following on the forum page!

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