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Updated: Jan 1

Well big things are in the works. Although I've been terrible at keeping my blog consistent; the TikTok has been doing much better! I will update that near the end of the month when I add up all views and compare the different platforms. Now onto the bigger news.

This week while on Instagram I found an advertisement for Dave Ramsey's course on becoming a financial coach. Now I haven't spoken on my opinions of Dave Ramsey on here, but they are pretty much 50/50 positive to negative. While I think Dave wants to do good, and does a lot of good, his clientele is not the people I would want to reach. What I mean by that is that those who use his programs typically are some of the worst financial messes I've ever heard.

Dave has a bad history with money in which he nearly lost his marriage when he went bankrupt. His financial life was in turmoil and the rest of it followed when one bad thing happened to the next. All in all he had to pay off a ton of debt and thus he created a program for people in his circumstances. He is very anti-debt which I mostly agree with. My issue with his program is the price tag is $2,000 but with the discount it's only $1,200.

Now what is a financial coach? Well it's different than a financial advisor in the sense that you aren't paying for someone to invest for you, you're paying someone to turn your financial life around. Basically I would coach someone on what they should be doing with their money, and find gaps in their financial lifestyle. Let's say someone has 20k in student loan debt, but isn't making payments. I would address that and make sure they know that they are paying interest on that debt and in the end it will cost them a lot more if they continue to put it off.

I really like the idea of doing this, and specifically trying to help those in college and just out of college. This is such an important time in their lives because time in the market can be so beneficial. Coaching also allows me to work with people while continuing my main job. I love my main job and the potential for growth seems to be amazing. Owing my own business has always been a dream of mine. Working on this I am already excited for what I'll be able to do, and how it will tie into this blog/website! Stay tuned for more updates, and thank you guys for reading!


Soon I will be taking some big steps! Check in here if you want to follow my journey!

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