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Best Job for Recent College Grads!?

Updated: Jun 12, 2022

So I graduated in 2021 with my degree in U.S. History, but this was completed after my Biology degree so I had a fair amount of time to start looking for biologist positions. Now I did get a job using my degree, but not one that necessarily uses my degree, if that makes sense. I realized that finding a biologist position working for the state (which was my end goal) would take longer than expected. One day on my Indeed a position for an environmental scientist popped up. I applied and interviewed and within a few days was hired.

Moving along to what the reader want to know; this job is insane. Now for reference you do NOT need a degree for this position, but it will affect your pay. The jobs I'm taking about are contract positions for natural disaster clean up. For instance the company I work for pays $19-$23 for a non degree position, and $28 for a degree position! I know this isn't as high as I hyped it up to be, but hear me out. You work an insane number of hours. On average I was working 60-70 hour weeks. WEEKS!! This is an insane way to make some insane cash and quick. You give up your freedom for a period of time but this was the ideal way for me to begin paying off my student loans.

Now for the perks! You get a hotel room provided for you, as well as per diem for each day you are "mobilized" which is how they say "working on the job, on site." On top of all of that, you need a four-wheel drive vehicle to get to the areas that the fire burned, and since most people don't have one, they provide rentals for you! Yes you get room and board, as well as a vehicle! And you guessed it, they pay for gas.

So if you are in the market to make some quick cash and live basically for free somewhere, check out these jobs., Also if you have any questions feel free to reach out and ask away. I highly recommend these positions and I wish I would have known about them earlier!

P.S. you get to explore some pretty awesome places as well, so if you love the outdoors its the perfect fit!

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